Sunday, November 1, 2009

two heads n a body

worth of what's 'Truly boring'.

I’ve always been bit of an odd-ball. Think outside the box I was taught and .. I did! I’d think out… way out into the deep blue sky the passing clouds, the sun set as it paints its colors over the clouds and waves, the breeze that plays across my face, rain on a summer’s day, a smile across an infants face , the love in a mother’s eye , the bliss of holding a friend’s hand… and as if in sleep, I’d smile. My face would light up with a pleasured radiance and I’d smile lost in thought.
Well who could blame my teacher for being genuinely surprised, as I happened to be the only person in the class who was awake and grinning into blank space… little did he know that he’d actually get used to it!!
Anyway there was this one pleasant day… I sat in class pondering over the better part of life- music art and poetry. And suddenly out of the blue, it struck me… no matter how boring, monotonous and some times even annoying my life, as an under-graduate was, there was still something about my mundane life that appealed to me. Something about my wearisome classes that had made me smile. Something, that made my boring life more tolerable, sometimes even memorable.
Pondering over my startling realization, I thought… what, about my college, my city, my life, was memorable? My college all great and famous was not the most interesting of places, my city a quite, peaceful but dull place was more suitable to a retired army marshal… the only thing my city ever held for me was its sunsets and that elusive October drizzle…. How ever all these were but momentary joys, a fleeting sense of beauty, like a chocolate, only could be enjoyed for the moment.
Lost in thought, as ever, I sat… and missed the bell. I was back with a start, hearing pearls of laughter all around me… for they deemed I was hilarious. Always wondered how I pull that one off.
I called out my goodbyes and edged my way across to the parking lot to find her waiting for me. It was then that it dawned that I had the answer all along, had the answer sitting besides me in class, waiting for me now… risking her life just so that I don’t drive home alone. I had the answer all along, holding my hand, laughing with me, chiding me, teasing me, cajoling me… walking me through and being satisfied just with a smile. Then I smiled again. How could I not have realized this earlier? These are the moments that matter moments etched in smiles and love. The little memories that make life worth it all. The times when you realize just being normal and having a boring life ‘is not so bad after all’. Now I smile again looking forward to yet another of my ‘truly boring’ days.
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