Thursday, April 21, 2011

Two heads and a body!

    Ah crap!
    There are just a gazillion moments to life…. Yet we spend almost  all of it being cynical under the pretence of pragmatism. Come on, think about it.. When  was the last time any of us spent a day or two without saying " Argh this is soo fucking screwed up!". If there be a man who has never in his life felt so, then I'd get down on my knees and call him the greatest philosopher. To the rest of us however, if the world is so screwed, then, why bother trying to save it. Why is it that we are enthralled by it. If life is so unfair how come a toothless grin of a shabby little three year old seems to brighten my day like a million suns. It is strange that no matter how much I enjoy eating a large chunk of chocolate(which I enjoy tremendously ), I seem to enjoy seeing a little kid lick every last speck of it savoring it like it was ecstasy. All of us seem inclined at perfection. We want clean roads, fresh water, good food and corruption free politics, yet  somehow amidst all this clutter and commotion is this feeling of oneness, a feeling off belonging,  an unexplainable affinity to our roots, no matter how twisted and mangled they might be.                  After all the plush interiors and lavish sights, nothing quite seems to compare to sitting under the tree watching the sun set. Nothing  can be quite so endearing. I never understand why we bind ourselves to stringent disciplines searching for  happiness  when all it takes is a smile. A simple loving smile. We claim to aim at perfection, when frankly  most of us cant even handle a perfectly orderly house. The instant we see it, most of us would become insecure and retort that it looks like a museum. We try making our surroundings perfect and make a perfect mess out of ourselves and even worse justify it in the end saying "that’s what makes me human". Just like a mother loves her son even if he happens to be the most screwed up thing on earth, we seem to wanna make the best of every second of this screwed up life. What I hope to understand writing this … well frankly I don really know. But this I know the next time I say "life is so fucking screwed up", I sure as hell know that I love every minute of it, big or small, good or bad, in the end it is my life and I love every dammed minute of it.
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