Monday, December 5, 2011


Blissfully alone I was in a crowd
Shrouded in silence sense and logic
Sensible and simple was my world,
Unburdened by emotions
And unprovoked by egos
Unaware was I to the longings of the body
And the vileness of the human soul
Ignorant I was to the needs of my heart
Stranger I was to the medley of love
A book was all I needed once
The brook and its breeze gave me joys profound
Then you came with your nonchalant charm
You pulled me closer as you moved farther apart
You messed up my logic and skewed my reason
You light a fire in every breath
You taught me the joys of love
And filled my mind with nothing but you
Endangered by the sudden change,
I shut my heart and opened my mind
I pour over books and art
Hoping to somehow revert
The brook and the breeze are but an endless search
For the bliss of your ragged breadth
Your colored eyes and rugged self
Bonded to logic I can but yearn
Yearn for that single touch
That careless whisper into my ear
That presence that was so near
As you slipped your arm into mine
And drew those smiles from me for you
I now yearn, my love for you
Who wrecked havoc in my head,
And took me by storm
I long for you who my mind rejects an my heart loves

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