Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Two heads n a body!

Romancing the Book! 

A friend once asked me how can you read that damned thing for so long, don't you ever get bored? 
Reading a book is like tasting wine… one might just as easily draw parallels between them. Don't get cynical as yet, wait till i'm done. During a wine tasting there is a certain ceremony involved. Firstly you pop the cork, then as you fill your goblet, feast your eyes on that velveteen crimson hue, now let your senses drink in the aroma as you give it a slight twirl, and finally take a sip, cradle it in and ever so slowly let it slide down your throat as you loose yourself in its richness. Well now most of you (you derisive people) might think how a book could ever compare to wine; I mean seriously let’s face it “a book!”  Let me educate your senses (to the joys ever so profound from just reading a book!)… say you’ve found a book (a vintage classic like an old edition of Shakespeare), If you were me you’d be jumping for joy already. Well let’s begin, romancing the book. First feast yourself on that firmness of the hardback cover, as you run your fingers over the embossed letters. Then you open the book and as the scent of old paper transports you back in time, you are evoked by the rustling of brittle paper. Then feast your eyes on the veered font and slowly read. By the time you realize what had just happened you are done with the book and are left with a profound sense of ecstatic satisfaction and a deep longing for more.
It is not just about reading a book, it is being transported back in time and history; you open a book so old and think, this was a witness to the second world war, it saw empires raise and fall, in my hands is a witness to the making of history. Reading is an art so fundamental, yet so complex. A book is no longer merely a tool for time travel, but it is an experience. Like the wine it may be new or old, classic or vintage, but each is an experience that once experienced, you can never really get enough of... so my friend experience.
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