Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Raji's Exotic garden Paradise

It was yet another of those really hot sultry days, as I visited my aunt in Mandaveli, a very noisy crowded locale in Chennai. Succumbing to the unrelenting heat they dozed off. Old fashioned was the house, with its huge doorways, high roofs, large halls and most importantly a front porch with actual plants (not the decorative plastic excuses that people use). As I sat there chatting up my sister in law, a whiff of breeze blew across my face, carrying with it the sent of wet earth. It is an experience i can never quite do justice to, it feels like going back home, a familiarity a sort of joyous kinship  with the earth, we Madrasis hold ever so dear. then it poured after playing taunt for a while, it finally poured and oh the relief, almost as if I was born again, with the land, the grass seemed greener, the wood darker, and as i sat at the steps outside the house staring at the brown bark, blue skies, and all things in between, my head buzzed with ecstatic joy and I began shooting... I had discovered an oasis of virgin land in the midst of a mayhem of blaring horns, racing bikes and concrete monstrosities.

love the twirls..! 
 it was like the leaf got goose bumps

The ant wouldn't let me photograph it.. kept running away! 

Sitting there looking at the lemon tree all i could remember was the song "Lemon Tree" by savage garden.

Rain drops....! :)
i love this snap...!

Caterpillar Trails.. 
the omnipresent Mint!

a exotic looking chiku .... 

i do not know why but I love this snap.. its soo fresh

i don't remember the last time i saw this....... 

 Looks exotic doesn't it

 the shy red bug.. don't know what exactly it is

Finally a proper shot

Forgive me, but i couldnot refrain from posting so many pictures... 

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