Monday, September 17, 2012

To Clear Skies...

She shed a single precious tear,
For a girl who never cried;
Her world stopped still,
Her mom went down with the bridge 
Into her watery grave;

The father followed 
To watery abyss,
With every bottle he drained;

She was left alone in world of leeches,
They sucked her dry
And left her there to die;

Amidst those mongrels
With her head still high
She waddled across
To reach clear skies;

Day and night she ploughed by
Till she could take no more
Buried she was alive
In the coffin of her life
Searching for the light she clawed past 
Until her fingers bled dry

Through life and death she had lived a horror
And she never brought forth a tear
Then suddenly he stopped at her and smiled 

Pulled her up and said "this way"
Day and night she walked by his side
They finally reached the clear skies...

She looked at him and suddenly smiled
She shed a single precious tear,
For a girl who never cried.

This poem was inspired by a documentary, I saw long back (but sadly I no longer remember the name). So if anyone of you guys remembers the story line do let me know :) 

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